Competition and Anti-trust Law

Lawyer Competition & Anti-trust Law

One of the most important components of the free market is honest and open competition. To work efficiently and intelligently within the system and maintain a competitive advantage, entrepreneurs seek advice on the ‘ins and outs’ of competition and anti-trust law. The clever entrepreneur needs a strategic legal partner and will benefit from Van Diepen Van der Kroef’s compliance programs. And, if you have been served a claim, our lawyers will develop a cogent defense.

If your enterprise suffers damages or loss of revenue as a result of competitors’ cartels or an abuse of a dominant position, our lawyers can come to your assistance to litigate indemnification. Perpetrators will be reported to the European Commission and/or the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

Competition Law expertise

Specific areas of proficiency include:

  • Contractual assessment: are your contracts in line with competition law requirements
  • Assessment of management and operations
  • Assessment with regard to the possibility of non-competition clauses
  • Reports and legal proceedings ACM and/or European Commission
  • Cartel-related issues including pricing
  • Competition law regulations with regard to procurement
  • Abuse of a dominant position
  • Compliance programs
  • Government subsidies
  • Claims resulting from a breach of competition regulations

Are you seeking legal advice? Our competition law experts are proud of their knowledge. Kindly take up contact with one of our lawyers specialized in competition and anti-trust law.

Competition and Anti-trust Law in relation to other legal areas

Our competition law team works closely with specialists in M & A, company law, public procurement, real estate, intellectual property and European law. Cross-border activities will benefit from the specializations Van Diepen Van der Kroef has in has in German, French and Japanese law.